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Ear & Auditory Research Laboratory is unique in Canada and includes the areas of middle ear microanatomy, pathophysiology, micromechanics, surgical reconstruction, finite element modeling, middle ear hearing mechanics, innovative hearing technologies, and auditory recordings. Our main goal is to improve existing hearing reconstruction methods, and develop new prostheses.


In the micro-fabrication laboratory(FabLab)we investigate and develop noval micro-transducers, micro-sensors, micro-imaging probes, and their supporting electronics. We also develop novel technologies such as high-resolution imaging tools for the ear, multisensory feedback tools for hearing and balance rehabilitation, surgically implantable hearing aids, and new research tools that allow us to answer physiologic questions that are currently unanswered. To further develop and miniaturize these imaging technologies, sophisticated micro-fabrication techniques applied to peizoelectrics and fibre-optics are used.


Auditory Electrophysiology Laboratory


Auditory Perception Laboratory


Balance and Function Research Laboratory


NeuroCognitive Imaging Laboratory



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